Board of Directors 2020

Aimee Mui

Aimee Mui, (a.k.a Aimee Babcock-Ellis), was born in Gyeongju, South Korea. She grew up in upstate, NY. Aimee's family participated in Korean culture camp, Camp MuJiGae in Albany, NY. In college at SUNY New Paltz, Aimee connected with other Asian Americans and Korean adoptees. While in college Aimee went to Hallym University in ChunCheon, Gangwan-do for a 4-week long summer cultural program for international students. She returned to Korea to teach English with the YMCA in Gangwon-do and then spent a semester at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. During her time in Korea, she reunited with her birth family. Aimee has a Bachelors of Arts in Interpersonal & Intercultural Communications from SUNY New Paltz and a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Maryland at College Park. In addition to Adoption Links DC, Aimee served on the board of ASIA Families, where she is a camp counselor with Camp Rice and teaches at Korean Culture School.  

David Feild
David Feild was born in ChongJu, South Korea and adopted to Baltimore, MD.  He spent his childhood growing up in MD and Evanston, IL.  David graduated from Evanston Township High School and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he was honorably discharged.  Following the Marine Corps, he attended the College of DuPage in Illinois where he served as the President of the College of DuPage Veterans Association and as Coordinator of Finance for the Student Leadership Council.  David went on to graduate from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.  He is an alumnus of the Me&Korea Mosaic Tour program and remains active in adoptee issues.  David has professionally worked for nonprofit organizations and currently serves in government.


Dr. Kristina Wickham

Kristina Wickham was born in Yeongam, South Korea in the Jeollanam-do Province outside the coastal city of Mokpo, located in the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula. She was adopted at 18 months old with her biological brother to Rochester, NY. While growing up, her family participated in Agapa Day, an annual celebration for those of Korean heritage and their families, and she was decidedly a lover of kimchi, but she did not enter into the Korean adoptee community until later as an adult. Dr. Wickham received her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from SUNY Upstate Medical University and in 2014, accepted a fellowship position in Spain. During her time living overseas, she made her first trek back to Korea on a Holt homeland tour and in an extraordinary turn of events, she reunited with biological family during this trip—circumstances that cemented her resolve to maintain ties to her motherland. Since then, she has returned to Korea multiple times and has participated in numerous international and domestic Korean adoptee conferences and events. She has been active in the adoptee community with an interest in engaging and connecting international and transracial adoptees. Dr. Wickham is currently working in government and is learning both the written and spoken Korean language in addition to volunteering with ASIA Families as an assistant teacher and mentor to Korean adoptee kids.

Trish Slater
Trish Slater was born in the Seoul area and was adopted at 13 months. Trish’s sister, Beth, is 3 weeks older and is their parents’ biological daughter. Trish grew up in the Baltimore area and graduated from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She resides and works in the Baltimore/DC area. Trish returned to Korea for the first time in 2014 with the Me&Korea Mosaic Tour and she went back with Me&Korea in 2018 for the official Omma Poom Park Dedication. 
She is an admin for a page that seeks to memorialize, love, honor, respect and remember Korean Adoptees who have passed. Trish has volunteered as a mentor with Connect-A-Kid and as a counselor at Camp Rice (ASIA Families). She’s also volunteers for Adoptees for Justice (A4J) and supports other groups like NAKASEC, I Am Adoptee, and No Chain For North Korea. 

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